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• Bounty Participants MUST Sign up on the forum to be illegible to get the bounty reward :
• Join official the community group at:
• Video must be a minimum of 90 seconds.
• Video must be a maximum of 3 minutes.
• Only English language Video will be accepted.
• Copy paste links from other participants will be given 0 stakes and result in blacklist.
• Videos that are not original will be given 0 stakes.
• One entry per participant
• Add your eth address to your video description
• Creator must be visible in the video. No "robot voice" or automatically generated content allowed.
• Must display knowledge about the project beyond information on the landing page.
• Must share video on at least one social channel and include a #NOTOSCAM and #BITDEPOSITARY related tag

Reward Calculation:

50-1000 Views : 150 Nekoi
1001-2000 Views : 500 Nekoi
2001-3000 Views : 700 Nekoi
3001-4000 Views : 1000 Nekoi
4001 and up Views : rewards depending on quality,views and duration

Submission Form :
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