Rules and Regulation for the bounty

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• All participants must join our telegram group ( Do not leave the group until the end of the Bounty.
• Participants who are not inside the group won't be rewarded.
• All questions regarding bounty should only be posted on the bounty telegram group and not on the main group.
• Any participant can join multiple campaigns as long as they are eligible, however using multiple accounts a single campaign is prohibited. If found cheating, participant will be disqualified for the entire bounty program and will not be rewarded.
• Carefully read and follow the rules of the campaign you are participating in. Non-compliance to the rules will result to zero stakes.
• Participants who are found cheating will be blacklisted. Using multiple accounts, spam, bots and so on are strictly prohibited and all users attempting this will be banned.
• The NekoToken bounty manager reserves the right to update bounty campaign rules, add/delete campaigns and reallocate bounties accordingly at any point.
• Any kind of offensive or inadequate behavior when promoting NekoToken will result in immediate disqualification from the entire bounty program.
• Bounty Participants MUST Sign up on the Website to be illegible to get the bounty reward
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